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About Us
Sustainable Development

About Us

Topflow Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2009. The company is specializing in providing quality, reliable products, and services for environmental pollution control. To provide one-stop solution to our value customers, we also provide sales and marketing of various models of quality pumps and mechanical equipment.

We work towards better understanding both with our customers and our principals. With the technical ability and market know of our various principals, we are able to grow stably in the respective industries we serve. Together with the strong relationship with you, our customers, and with our quality and reliable products and services, we are able to provide "One Stop Solutions" to your problems.

Our Values

Social Responsibility
In order to serve our customers more professionally, TOPFLOW machinery & Services Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2011, the company is mainly concentrated on pumps and blower repairing, machine overhaul & rewinding, dynamic balancing for fan impeller, shut down job, preventive and maintenance service.

TOPFLOW motto is to assist you to our best ability "PROVIDING ONE STOP SOLUTIONS". This website shows the various ranges of products & services in our range. We are sure these will serve you to the best of their ability if used correctly.


Aim to learn, to plan, to care our team member,s and to contribute to our society by providing a solution for clean air, clean water, and reusable resources for all reachable communities. To share our knowledge and experience with our working partner and customer for long term business relationship.


Developing an innovative solution and work together with long term partnerships and a global network to provide an effective and affordable solutions for our customers to improve the natural environment.

Licence and Certification

Akuan Pendaftaran Vendor
Perakuan Pemerbadanan Syarikat Sendirian
Permit IPA Jenis A/B/C/D/E*
Certificate (Jabatan Alam Sekitar)
Certificate of Training (Emmecom (Asia) Pte Ltd)
Sijil Akuan Pendaftaran Syarikat
Wholesaler's Poisons Licence
Perakuan Pendaftaran


Mr. Ben Teo Set up Topflow Engineering Sdn Bhd located at 38, Jalan Mutiara Emas 7/5, Taman Mount Austin.
Start with Ben Teo one man show provide environmental engineering service & Industrial Trading.
1st year Sale Revenue : around RM700,000
Start employ staff to build project team & DOE submission teams.
Start export Waste Water Treatment System Skid to Batam.
Start provide DOE submission & Maintenance Service for PUB waterwork at Johor
2nd Year sale Revenue : RM1.4m
Set up Topflow Machinery & Services Sdn Bhd for Maintenance service & Machine service together with brother Mr. GT Teo
Success design & build 1st Dust Collect System for Colourland Panit Manufacturer.
3rd Year Sale Revenue: RM2.4m
Relocate to bigger detached factory at No 9, Jalan Firma 2/1, Kws Perindustrian Tebrau 1.
Success design & Build 13m3/hr Waste Water Treatment System start from pilling, Civil Job, Equipment & M&E installation and Shelter structural for Palm Oil Refinery factory.
Design & Build Raw Water Treatment Skid for Sarawak Orang Asli Village to have Clean Water
Engage Company Advisor to Set up life career promotion Employment Classification and Core department & all process flow chart.
Implement KPI Evaluation System
Qualified Green Industry Audit Competent
Start Set up Stainless Filter Housing Fabrication teams
Start Export Biogas & Biomass Power Plant Structure, Pipe rack, Piping, Pump skids to Philippine
Start provide Service and DOE submission for SAJ Waterwork
Start develop Green Product & apply for industries to reduce Carbon Footprint (Thermal Insulation Paint, Hydro generator, Heat Exchanger & etc)
Appointed by Emmecom Asia Pte Ltd to install Emmecom High Volume Low Speed Giant Fan and Malaysia Sole Distributor.
Set up hygiene chemical control Chemical division. (Cleaning Chemical & Disinfectant supply)
Start Design & Build DAF & CPI system
Install Odor Control System & FRP Ducting for Sungei. Suggest WWTP
Set up Aircon & AHU service & Maintence teams and R&D teams
Obtain ISO 45000, ISO 9000
Provide Green Building Index (GBI) Consultation Service
Relocate to No.53, Jalan Firma 2/1, Kws. Perindustrian Tebrau 1 with 2.14 acres land for Green Building Construction product metal fabrication.
Ben Teo obtain JCI TOYM Top 30 Finalist
Establish environment and safety team
Focus R&D Green Product
Complete design & build Tadika Top Full Green Building
Topflow Obtain JCI CYEA Top 30 Finalist
Install more than 200 giant fans since 2016 (For School, Mosque, Temple, Hawker Center and Factory in Malaysia)
Upgrade production factory to Green Manufacturing Practice with Energy Saving Machine & Automation & Digitization with MES MAPS System.
Install 346kw Solar Panel project at Topflow Senai Factory.
Success reduce utility cost from 6% to 3% vs sale revenue
Lead more Environmental Engineer to serve industries reduce world carbon footprint
Acquire Laser Cut & Turret Punch, Bending, Shearing, Rolling Machine
Aim to serve Global market customer for Green product & Green building panel Fabrication

Sustainable Development

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Copyright © 2022 Topflow Engineering Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved. Water Treament Johor Bahru (JB) | Air Pollution Control System | Waste Water Management
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