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    Taiko Rotary Blower

    TSS and TSA  

    Model: TSS and TSA

    The three-lobe helical roots type rotary blower Type TS is an eopc-making displacement blower which has been developed successfully from a completely new concept by utilizing a combination of the excellent process capability and innovated techniques.
    These blowers fall under the very small volume class of roots type, but are given adequate considerations to details in order to provide high efficiency so that this type has superior properties of constant air capacity and low noise.

    Model: SSR

    The three-lobe helical roots type rotary blower Type SSR is a new product which has been developed by adopting innovated techniques, based on the manufacturing experience in the roots type rotary blowers for many years.
    These blowers have improved full-adiabatic efficiency as well as volumetric efficiency and provide superior air capacity vs. pressure characteristic.
    The superiority of efficiency leads to reduction of the heat from the blower itself, and therefore, reduction of the temperature elevation, and thus the operation of blower in dry condition has become practical at the discharge pressure as high as 58.8kPa.

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