Stainless Steel Filter

    Stainless Steel Filter


    Product Description

    There days,a wide range of industries require custom filtration, Including :

    - Electronics
    - Oil industry
    - Pharmaceutical
    - Water Treatment
    - Chemical industry
    - Power Generation
    - Paint Manufacturing
    - Food & Beverage Processing

    Our Production Engineer over 16 years experience fabrication Filter. We are provide good quality product to our customer in the general industry segment.
    Fabricated Stainless Steel Filter Bag Vessels.
    - Fabricated Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge Vessels.
    - Strainer , Basket ,Cylinder.
    - Bag Filters.

    FABRICATE Bag & Cartridge Filter Vessels

    FABRICATE Bag & Cartridge Filter Vessels  

    Model: FABRICATE Bag & Cartridge Filter Vessels

    Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction.
    Single Bag , Multi Bag and Other Special Requirement .
    Steam Jacketed Filter.
    Connection : Threaded , Flanged , Sanitary and Etc .
    Seal Gasket Material : Buna-N , Viton or Teflon depending on your product's Temperature and Chemistry
    Pressure Rating : 7 ~ 10 Barg Or Special Requirement .
    Typical Application:  - Electronics.
    - Oil Industry
    - Petro-Chemical 
    - Food & Beverage 
    - Pharmaceutical 
    - Water Treatment 
    - Water Purification & Processing 
    - Or Others Requirement
    Restrainer Baskets  

    Model: Restrainer Baskets

    - Restrainer Basket fit inside Bag Filter Pressure Vessels and support the Filter Bag .
    - Most Restrainer Baskets are made of 304/316 stainless steel and available in Perforated or Wire Mesh .
    - Basket are available with a variety of rims depending on the make and Model or Filter Housing .
    Filter Bag  

    Model: Filter Bag

    Available in Special Configurations on request:
    -Polypropylene ( PP )
    -PE Felt
    -Nylon Mesh