TF Coat Insulation

    TF Coat Insulation


    Product Description

    TF Coat Insulation is a good material that can insulate unique size of heat or cold equipment. TF Coat Insulation is a very good heat reflector and low conductor about <0.03w/m.k. Application to TF Coat Insulation to facility is fast and lower cost compare traditional insulation

    Example: Valve, Tank , Oven, Pipe, Oven leakage, Roof and unique facility.

    Temperature: -30℃ to 200℃
    What TF can do?
    A) Safety Purpose - touchable when facility had been insulated. prevent scald for heat equipment.
    B) Prevent Corrosive - can prevent light acid and alkali.
    C) Water proof - Surface insulation can be clean up by water.
    D) Insulator for unique size equipment
    E) A good reflector for heat flux and low conductor insulation <0.03w/m.k
    F) Long life span above 10year.
    G) Touch up oven partition joint leaking.
    H) Energy Saving
    TF Coat Manual
    - Temperature : -30℃ to 200℃
    - Thickness application : 2mm-4mm
    - Can use brush or spray for coating equipment
    - Ambient temperature 30℃ need about 12hours for curing. (with temperature 50-80℃,30-2 hours curing). Application not higher than 80℃ ( advise temperature ).
    - Corrosive heat equipment surface ( clean up surface or apply anti rust paint before apply ).
    TF Coat can be used for:
    1) Commercial - Roof, Wall, Chiller piping and valve.
    2) Industry - Oven, Piping, Valve, Tank, Room partition in production, Boiler, Light acid tank.
    3) Agriculture - Breeding house  ( example for bird nest and chicken ).
    -Easier to control inlet temperature.
    TF Coat Feature
    1) Color - White, Grey
    2) Container - 4.5liter, 20liter and 60 liter.
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